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Ragnar Kjartansson: The Visitors, SFMOMA, Nov 5, 2022–Jan 2, 2024; Susan Philipsz: Songs Sung in the First Person on Themes of Longing, Sympathy and Release, SFMOMA Floor 7 Terrace, Ongoing

Guest speaker for film screening, 2023 Medium Festival of Photography, MCASD, April 8, 2023 (forthcoming)

Co-author, "Serious Business: Freude and Feminist Film Distribution," Curating Feminist Film Archives (Winter 2024) issue of Feminist Media Histories. Guest speaker, Serious Business: Feminism, Film Distribution, Freude, SFSU Archive Project, SFSU, Nov 8, 2022; Serious Business Company and Bay Area Women Artists, BAMPFA, Sept 21, 2022

Advisory Council member for the nonprofit visual art space / (slash), San Francisco. Guest curator, Jen Liu: Ghost_World, / (slash), Spring 2024 (forthcoming)

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