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Public talk, Prelinger Library, San Francisco, September 27 2018. Part of PLACE TALKS Season 5. Curator Tanya Zimbardo will bring us the story of how the new technology of portable video cameras intersected with social movements in California in "Tribal Vision: West Coast Video Vanning." "A van outfitted with video recording, editing, and playback equipment toured the Pacific Coast in the early seventies... Loren Sears describes how the goal of his Tribal Vision Network (TVN) was 'to record lifestyle innovation happening in these communities, edit and feed it back as a way of providing connection and clarifying what was being accomplished – a kind of self-critical tool for cultural innovators.'" PLACE TALKS is a series of visual lectures that occurs at the Prelinger Library in San Francisco. Bay Area artists, writers, designers, architects, archivists, librarians (and other curious people) share talks on location-related topics, illustrated by content from the library's collection. PLACE TALKS is organized by Nicole Lavelle and Charlie Macquarie. Tribal Vision: West Coast Video Vanning
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